College Tour Planning

Proud Father (Murray Miller of Off-2-CollegeTours) and UPenn Grad Son

We will plan your college tour for you

How it works:

Tell us your target schools, then we:
  • create a do-able route between schools and cities
  • register you for each Campus Tour & Information Session
  • schedule Admissions, Department and Athletic Interviews (where offered)
  • provide options for hotels, rental cars and flights
  • turn-by-turn directions to augment GPS devices
  • compile everything in a Master Itinerary that outlines your family college tour

What we're about:

Once you, your child and his/her counselor decide on a list of candidate schools, and you give us a window for travel, Off-2-CollegeTours is here for you

  • navigating college websites for information relevent for your visit
  • registering your child for Campus Tours and Information Sessions
  • scheduling Admissions, Department and Coach interviews (where available)
  • offering rental car/hotel/flight reservation options through Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN)
  • providing campus map links
  • offering public transportation routing in cities (like Boston) where rapid transit is a useful tool  

Why use Off-2-CollegeTours:

We will save you a lot of time... and sanity. 

About Us for a more complete description of "who we are."  Too see a sample Master Itinerary click here:

None of the information requested to build your Itinerary is overly complicated:  if you want to jump right in, go to the 
Tour Builder Information page; if you want a Step-by-Step explanation go to the Our Service page.

Terms & Conditions

Fluent in French, Italian and Spanish (Master Itinerary is in English)